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Tree Removals

Though caring for trees is our primary passion, tree removal is an inevitable reality of our business. Not every tree is right for the place in which it grew–it may be structurally weak and pose a hazard to people or property; it may have been a poor choice for the location and has out grown its space, or it may be in the way of construction activity.

When a tree does have to be removed, Hamm’s ArborCare, Inc. can provide safe low impact service that leaves your landscape intact.


When space and landscape features permit, felling is often the safest and most efficient method of getting a tree down. All production staff at Hamm’s ArborCare are trained in the latest felling techniques and mechanical assistance is often utilized to ensure proper placement of the tree.

Take Down

Where space is limited, crew members are well trained in a variety of techniques to ensure a safe removal.
Currently, all aerial work is performed by climbing. This prevents a 14,000 pound truck from driving on your lawn. When space is the primary limiting factor, trees can be climbed and pieced down in sizes appropriate for the given space.

Crane Removal

Crane Removal In extreme cases with large trees, a crane may be utilized. Hamm’s ArborCare, Inc. employs state of the art techniques to balance crane rigs as necessary to provide a non-dynamic lift that can be safely lowered into a designated spot.

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Stump Grinding

We can also grind your leftover tree stumps to a depth of 4 to 6 inches below ground level with a mechanical grinder. When access is not a problem we have a larger stump grinder attachment for the Tool Cat. Please note that stumps from trees that we remove in the winter will be ground after April 15 the following spring when the ground is thawed and firm.


When there are landscape or structural hazards beneath the tree, special friction devices and ropes can be used to lower pieces into a small area in a controlled manner called rigging. Example sequence of pieces being rigged down using a rope…

For All of Your Tree Care Needs

Hamm’s ArborCare, Inc. specializes as a low impact tree service. Our arborists currently do all aerial work climbing while incorporating the latest technology. This means no heavy trucks on your lawn. The only evidence we leave behind is our quality work.

Tree Removal Service