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Hamm’s ArborCare, Inc. provides a number of Plant Health Care (PHC) services and can assist you in developing a plan to manage the health of your trees and shrubs of all ages. The following are various services we provide:

Oak Wilt and Dutch Elm Disease Control: This may consist of isolating the healthy trees from diseased trees by trenching. It also may include chemical injections that can protect the trees for a period of years.

Nutrient Deficiencies

There are a limited number of scenarios in which Hamm’s ArborCare, Inc. will recommend traditional fertilization, however, Iron deficiency is one of the common ones. A newer application that we are recommending in various scenarios is Bio-Char. Bio-Char is a formulation of fortified charcoal that will not only provide nutrient supplement at the time of application but the charcoal will essentially permanently enhance the nutrient holding capacity of your soil.

Growth Regulation

There are many scenarios where the growth regulator Cambistat can be applied to achieve a specific result. Trees growing close to buildings, trees subject to past, current or future construction stress and trees that have limited space in which to grow.

Disease and Pest control

There are numerous applications that can be utilized to control heavy incidence of diseases such as, apple scab, black spot, anthracnose, and others, as well as high populations of or consistent pressure by insect pests including Emerald Ash Borer, Bronze Birch Borer, Two Lined Chestnut Borer, Gypsy Moth, Japanese Beetle and others.

Digging a hold with an auger

Backfilling a tree

Trees finished and mulched

Before a girdled mess

The finished product

Three potential root problems

Root problems fixed

For All of Your Tree Care Needs

Hamm’s ArborCare, Inc. specializes as a low impact tree service. Our arborists currently do all aerial work climbing while incorporating the latest technology. This means no heavy trucks on your lawn. The only evidence we leave behind is our quality work.

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